August 2015

Letter from the Editor

The best thing about “back to school” was always the illusion of re-invention. Magically, after eight weeks or so, you’d return with a new Jansport and you’d have evolved into some sort of majestic sex icon before all of your classmates.

The crowds would part, pressing up against the school corridor walls, while you walked — slow motion — like you’d tripped and fallen out of epic poetry toward your destiny as the embodiment of pure greatness.

Clearly, this would never work. And, although I’m too old to care about young people whatsoever now, I suspect it remains the same crippling moment of deflation every year.

In fact, the ill-planned haircut and spongey-armed backpack would, if anything, set your cause back by several years, damning you to another school year of awkward social interactions and being slightly in love with your teacher, despite them being objectively unattractive.

So, as I was passing through a shopping center a few weeks ago, I was struck by a thought.

Although adults are not given the luxury of lengthy summer breaks, they are provided the opportunities of dressing a little more interestingly, facing mildly-less scathing judgment, on a day-to-day basis.

So, why can’t everyone have their back to school moment at the tail-end of the summer? As we head into the busiest social season of the year, why can’t adults burn their closets to the ground — dancing in the ashes of their awful fishing shirts — and begin anew?

Well, there are a great many reasons, but we’re going to pretend there are not.

We’re proud to introduce Need, Vol. 2.9: Homework, featuring some of the finest clothing, accessories, and grooming products for your grand re-invention.

We even have a print book! You’ll be looking precisely 13.2x more sophisticated within mere seconds of walking into your local coffee shop.

Broken across three looks — morning, afternoon, and evening — we’ve pulled together all manner of products to help you be the person you so sorely wish you could be each day.

Ruben Burgess Jr. of Traffic LA deftly handled our morning look, Brent Rodgers, founder of Plat and Roots Juices, handled the afternoon, and Leandre Johns, head of Uber in the Southwest, took on the evening.

Photography was handled phenomenally-well by Mr. Richard Ross.

We hope you enjoy the latest from Need. And we’ll be back soon with a new-look, exclusives, and more. Keep your eye out*!

Yours sincerely,

Matt Alexander

*On your inbox!

  • 8 oz Bison Pocket Tee
  • There Is Simply Too Much to Think About
  • No.1 Pomade
  • Complete Shampoo
  • WS x EF Wool Ballcap
  • Kanken Backpack
  • Classic Sweatshirt
  • Scratch Print Shirt
  • Sureshot Jogger / Mid-Blue
  • Notebook (Kraft / 7x10")
  • Notebook (Dot / 3.5x5.5")
  • Macbook Pro 13" Sleeve
  • Macbook Air 13" Sleeve
  • GUIDED: New York City
  • Nexon Sunglasses
  • Freeport Pocket Polo
  • Grim Tim Dry Navy
  • Brompton Belt
  • Vivoeur
  • Yirgacheffe

8 oz Bison Pocket Tee

Welcome Stranger

Life is filled with choices.

From the moment you wake up in the morning, you’re faced with a near-endless stream of decisions.

One such choice is whether you’re going to invest in straightforward, vanilla, boring, standard fare t-shirts or if you’re going to live a little more interestingly.

You may look at Welcome Stranger’s 8 Ounce Bison Tee and just see another t-shirt. Another decision you can remove from your mind.

We see possibility, though. Remember the scene in Interstellar when they enter the wormhole? We look at this seemingly-normal shirt and see a rainbow of dazzling colors.

Made with a heavyweight cotton, featuring a ribbed collar, taped neck, and slim fit, this Made in America t-shirt is utterly unique.

It’s a robust, attractive, and endlessly comfortable option, whilst also being slim-fitting and form-sustaining.

If you’re looking for a more interesting t-shirt, look no further. The 8 Ounce Bison is riddled with character and will be sure to draw a great deal of praise.

We recommend ordering a size up, as it fits on the slim side of things.

We also recommend ignoring the entirety of this copy, because what on earth was Matt thinking.

  • $42.00
  • Options

    S M L XL

There Is Simply Too Much to Think About

Saul Bellow

2015 marks both the centennial of Saul Bellow’s birth and the tenth anniversary of his death.

In commemoration of this occasion, There Is Simply Too Much To Think About represents, in the words of Philip Roth, “[Bellow’s] excited mind, in a molten state, running over.”

Bellow, a Nobel Laureate, Pulitzer Prize winner, and recipient of three National Book Awards, is considered to be one of the finest American authors.

The book — a collection of Bellow’s non-fiction, including speeches, essays, interviews, and more — is a fascinating look at a gentleman who was fascinated with the pitfalls of the human experience, always seeking the signal in and amongst the noise.

It’s an important, well-edited piece of work. And you’d do well to have it in your home.

Plus, owning a piece of hardback literature is guaranteed to make you seem precisely 13.2x more sophisticated in front of your guests.

  • $35.00

No.1 Pomade

Fly Barbershop

Fly Barbershop has been making waves in Texas for the past two years.

Operating out of a converted Airstream, Ted Hoffman and Hallie Alford have gone to extraordinarily meticulous lengths to create a unique experience for their patrons, drawing praise from around the country.

Building upon this success and inspired by the industrial design of the original Airstream, Ted has produced an American-made and limited-run of Fly’s first product, No. 1 Pomade.

Featuring a matte finish and strong hold, you’ll look your best with Fly’s pomade.

  • $18.00

Complete Shampoo

Fellow Barber

Subverting the perceived pretentiousness of the typical “salon” experience, Fellow Barber set out to reset the barbershop experience toward something characterized by integrity, consideration, and fundamentally good product.

Today, moving beyond the bounds of their barbershops, Fellow Barber have introduced a line of grooming products sharing in this philosophy.

Sporting the brand’s signature green (and beautiful design tendencies), we sourced their Complete Shampoo. For all the gentleman looking to bring an (amazing smelling) air of dignity to their morning routine — particularly those who don’t shave habitually — we couldn’t think of anything better than Fellow Barber’s shampoo.

It’s alcohol-free, paraben-free, sulfate-free, not tested on animals, and made in the USA. And, most of all, it also serves as a moisturizer/conditioner, thereby removing a step from your day.

  • $22.00

WS x EF Wool Ballcap

Welcome Stranger

Are you currently nurturing the look of an out-of-work semi-professional baseball player? (Maybe without the self-loathing and weirdly in-shape forearms.)

Well, fear not. We’re going to expand your hat lexicon beyond the realm of your local team. (Or, worse, your golf brand of choice.)

Welcome Stranger collaborated with our friends at Ebbets Field Flannels to create a classic, understated baseball hat — in a soft olive green — for more discerning head coverage.

Paired with your finest casual wares, the WS x EF Ballcap is a great option for the cooler months, all the while setting you well-apart from your peers.

  • $48.00

Kanken Backpack


Have you ever wanted a backpack designed for Swedish schoolchildren in the 1970s?


Have you ever wanted a backpack designed to be the pinnacle of comfort and utility by Swedish engineers? Something so effective that its design has endured for almost fifty years?

We have, too.

The classic Kanken is the subject of international adoration for its playful design, functional engineering, and iconic presentation.

And, measuring in at 15x10x5” and made with a durable, moisture-repellant vinyl fabric, it’s well-deserved.

Available in two hues of green — forest (slightly darker) and leaf (brighter) — Fjallraven’s Kanken is an ideal backpack for those looking for character in every facet of their appearance.

Classic Sweatshirt

Marshall Artist

Perfecting the look of an English teacher during his downtime is not an easy thing to do, but it’s a worthwhile endeavor.

I’m talking about the sort of person who’d rock a tweed jacket during the week, but opt for a great, casual sweatshirt after a game of some sort of semi-pretentious sport on a Saturday morning.

Someone who can shift from traditional to contemporary without much effort, rather than wearing an old college t-shirt beneath a worn-out H&M blazer from time-to-time.

With that convoluted image in mind, we present Marshall Artist’s Classic Sweatshirt.

As the name suggests, it’s a simple, well-made, and well-designed piece of clothing. Paired with literally anything, it’ll add an air of effortless style, without trying too much.

The sweatshirt has a simple leather patch, some nuanced touches of personality, and a slightly slimmer fit. So, regardless of what you’re doing in your day, you’ll look like you just took some time away from the classroom for some downtime.

Or something.

  • $80.00
  • Options

    S M L XL

Scratch Print Shirt

Native Youth

If you haven’t had much of a chance to hit the gym lately, fear not. We have a solution.

As the sunny days begin to fade and you’re out to catch the fleeting moments of summer, you can don a short sleeve shirt and unleash the portion of your body that’s most likely to look somewhat acceptable: your forearms.

Whether you’re sitting outside for a morning coffee or an evening drink, Native Youth’s Scratch Print is a simple design that’ll be suitable for a variety of occasions.

Paired with jeans or shorts, you’ll enjoy that summer air, whilst looking your best. Also, people will be marveling at your mildly in-shape forearms.

  • $70.00
  • Options

    S M L XL

Sureshot Jogger / Mid-Blue


You know that feeling when you get dressed in the morning and you know you just don’t look your best? You’ve been rushed, you’ve thrown something on, and you’ve told yourself you won’t see anyone.

And, upon walking out the door, you immediately happen into someone who’s seemingly been karmically teleported to show you precisely how bad you are at life.

Happens all the time, right?

In that situation, I always seem to look like a beleaguered fax machine salesman who tripped and fell out of 1989, whilst the other person is wearing items so casual and effortlessly put together, that it feels nigh impossible that it could look so great.

Well, we’ve come across the finest asset for you to not only destroy the person in that hallway, but to also take their place. To be the one who makes everyone else feel bad about their decisions.

Zanerobe’s Sureshot is the design that kicked off a movement in menswear, demonstrating to the world that a man can have a striking look, whilst also being ridiculously comfortable.

Made with a stretch cotton twill, Zanerobe’s Sureshot boasts an elasticized cuff and waistband, alongside Zanerobe’s signature reinforced crotch panel.

Paired with all manner of shoes and outfits, the Mid Blue color has an effortless look of casual confidence and style.

So, go ahead. Make everyone else look bad. You’ll enjoy it.

Notebook (Kraft / 7x10")

Public - Supply

Several weeks ago, before boarding a flight, I realized both my iPad and laptop were almost completely out of battery.

I was hoping to take some reflective notes on some meetings, whilst also updating my to-do list during the flight. And, without power, I was without many options.

Several years ago, this would not’ve been an issue. I would’ve simply pulled out a notebook, committed my ideas to paper, and moved on with my life.

Today, though, I find myself excessively reliant on the array of devices I carry with me at any given time. And that’s not ideal.

With that in mind, we sought to find one of the finest notebooks — of a larger format — to capture those long-form thoughts and ideas. Something to slip into a bag or laptop sleeve, so, regardless of how the day unfolds, we’d always have a way to keep our creative juices flowing.

And we were thrilled to come across Public Supply’s new 7x10” form factor. Sporting a kraft cover and dotted pages, this is a great-looking and versatile notebook for all manner of work.

You won’t regret investing in one.

  • $16.00

Notebook (Dot / 3.5x5.5")

Public - Supply

If you’re looking for a short-form means to capture your ideas and stay on top of your day, you can’t go wrong with a 3.5x5.5” notebook.

Made in the USA and equipped with 48 dotted pages, Public Supply’s three-pack of Blue 01 notebooks is an ideal companion for the modern man.

Keep one in a back pocket, so you can quickly commit something to memory. Or keep one on your desk so, when your girlfriend next calls, you can actually remember to pick up something on the way home.

They’re attractive, robust, and perennially useful.

  • $14.00

Macbook Pro 13" Sleeve

Kiko Leather

Made with cowhide pebbled leather and wool felt, Kiko Leather’s MacBook Pro sleeve is a stunning option for toting your 13” Pro (Retina or otherwise) across town.

Featuring a document sleeve, a handle, and, generally, a refined look, the sleeve is an ideal option for the discerning gentleman’s morning commute.

  • $65.00

Macbook Air 13" Sleeve

Kiko Leather

Despite being unquestionably functional, padded neoprene cases are not the most attractive of options for protecting your MacBook Air.

Instead, we present Kiko Leather’s delightfully understated 13” Air sleeve, featuring sleek grey wool and supple black leather.

Slide your laptop into the sleeve, drop a notebook and pen into the pouch, and go.

  • $55.00

GUIDED: New York City


GUIDED: New York City is a beautiful, understated publication highlighting the finest restaurants, galleries, and shops in New York City.

Created by the unbelievably talented team at Cereal, GUIDED: New York City is a stunning asset for even the most seasoned of residents.

Combining rich photography with concise prose, GUIDED: New York City gets right to the point. And it does so in a beautiful way.

  • $12.00

Nexon Sunglasses


One of my hobbyist life goals is to create a pair of activewear-style sunglasses that emit a horrifying noise at all times.

Riding your bike to get a coffee? Horrifying noise. Walking into a morning church service? Horrifying noise.

Something must be done and I’m out of ideas.

For those who’ve already come to grips with their poor eyewear decisions, we present Ksubi’s Nexon.

The Nexon is a great iteration on the traditional Wayfarer design, offering two-tone frames, metallic accenting on the bridge, and a great fit.

They’re a stunning, simple design, sure to set you well-apart from the crowd.

  • $160.00

Freeport Pocket Polo

General Assembly

I dream of a self-destructing variety of golf polo shirt. (Same goes for basketball shorts, crocs, and so on.)

If we were somehow able to insert them into the supply chain, stubborn men across the United States would find their go-to polo a smoldering mess after two or three washes.

(Or maybe they’re light reactive, so you can only wear them safely at actual golf courses? I’m not sure. We can work this out together.)

Regardless, I’m never going to tire in my quest to provide more interesting and dignified alternatives for men looking to wear a polo shirt.

Sporting a thicker polyester fabric, General Assembly’s Freeport Pocket Polo is a nuanced, interesting, and aesthetically unique design.

It’s an item bereft of the cultural weight that men have placed on your standard-fare polo. Instead, it’s a refreshing, comfortable, and incredibly attractive option for the modern gentleman.

Grim Tim Dry Navy

Nudie Jeans Co.

We’ve been selling Nudie’s Grim Tim denim since our first collection. And there’s a good reason for such persistence.

First, they’re exceptionally well-made, sporting organic denim, durable stitching, and so on.

Second, they look great, they’re not too slim, and they wear in beautifully well over time.

Available in a deep hue of raw indigo, Nudie’s Grim Tim is simply the finest design we could hope to offer. You cannot go wrong.

Brompton Belt

Moore & Giles

Tired of walking around like an ankle-shackled prisoner, your trousers draped around your feet?

We are, too.

You ought to invest in a great, versatile belt.

The Brompton, created by Moore & Giles, is one of the finest on the market. Made with soft brompton leather and lined with bridle leather, The Brompton is an object that oozes with sophistication and quality.

Crafted with the utmost care, Moore & Giles is considered to be the finest purveyor of leather goods in the United States, so you know you’ll be in great hands.

Well, not hands, but belts. You’ll be in great belts.

Or something.



In this instance, there’s nothing snarky or sarcastic to write. Simply put, these shoes are a thing of beauty.

Handmade in Italy, Velasca’s Vivoeur is a stunning brogue made with soft-brown suede-leather.

Sporting spectacular craftsmanship and artistry, unique color, and an exceptionally comfortable fit, the Vivoeur is one of the finest shoes to grace Need since its launch.

Indulge yourself.


Tweed Coffee

So much of what we have to say at Need is about how, generally speaking, you're doing it wrong.

And this is no exception.

If you're a coffee drinker, statistically speaking, you're probably doing it wrong. You're probably buying over-roasted, pre-ground beans from Starbucks and dumping them unceremoniously into a Mr. Coffee.

Objectively, that's one of the worst ways to experience coffee.

We present Yirgacheffe from our friends at Tweed.

Boasting overtones of citrus, black tea, and jasmine, this freshly-roasted coffee — always within several days of shipment to you to ensure freshness — is a fantastic roast.

Upgrade your home coffee game with some fresh beans. You'll uncover an all-new (and addictive) world of flavor.

  • $19.00