September 2015

Letter from the Editor

Summer has been heavily romanticized by every writer, singer, and director for the past few decades.

Meet cutes in front of quaint swimming pools and accidentally touching hands over an iced latte at a quiet coffee shop.

The reality of summer is literally the exact opposite.

The meet cute in front of a pool is more like yelling at someone over the ongoing din of loud drunken people debating the merits of Donald Trump. Meanwhile, these people are being barely kept alive by a raft of half-inflated pool toys they picked up from a grocery store.

And the latte? Well, first of all, would you order a hot drink whilst standing atop the surface of the sun? According to contemporary society, the answer is a resounding “yes.” Because we’re collectively the worst generation to grace the earth.

And, moreover, has anyone ever had a half-decent romantic meeting inside a coffee shop? Have they ever peered over their laptop and locked eyes with someone, destined to be together forever.


Instead, it’s mostly just over-caffeinated people applying every fabric of their being to tuning out a middle-aged group wearing full tennis uniforms, loudly talking about their recent tennis lesson, whilst you firmly believe they’ve never actually played tennis.

And it consumes you and involves you and ruins your working life and the last thing you could possibly manage is a cutesy meeting with a prospective partner.

The moral of the story is that summer is the worst.

Fall, on the other hand, is perfection.

From the cooler days and brisk evenings to the layered outfits and darker mornings, it’s a season ripe with opportunity.

And, although every store in the country (including us) has been trumpeting the season’s arrival for months, we are only just arriving at the season now.

As a celebration of the season’s turn, we’ve put together a collection of transitional fall clothing. Light layers, great workwear-inspired boots, work gear, and so on.

Vol. 2.10 was shot by new-to-the-site-photographer, Dagny Piasecki. And it was modeled by Jason Hoggan, a Reebok CrossFit Games athlete.


Matt Alexander / Founder + CEO

  • Dobby OX LS Shirt
  • Olivier Polarized Sunglasses
  • B Cool Chino
  • Muller Brown Bulcher Boot
  • NIGHT Cable
  • Clinton Shirt
  • Kemble Utility Waistcoat
  • Polk 5-Pocket Navy Chinos
  • Apollo Chukka
  • Challenger Eco-Fleece Pullover Hoodie
  • Triple Double Eco-Mock Twist Shorts
  • Big Sur Trail Soap
  • Whiskey Wedge

Dobby OX LS Shirt

Barney Cools

This is a shirt.

It’s a really good shirt.

It’s one hundred percent cotton, it has buttons, and it has an Oxford collar.

And it has stripes going across its chest — light blue on a white body — which look just phenomenal. (And not at all like you just escaped from a design-minded prison.)

So, anyway, you should buy this shirt, because it’s great. It fits well, it looks great, and it’s exceptionally well-made.


Olivier Polarized Sunglasses


When I was growing up, I firmly believed that sunglasses were only acceptable during the summer.

So, being the cripplingly opinionated person that I am, I’d always ask people why they were wearing sunglasses when it was cold.

The response was as universal as it was concise. They’d simply arc an eyebrow, slightly curl a lip, and say “It’s bright outside.”

And they were right! Regardless of the time of year, you ought to be protecting the innards of your eyes from the sun.

And you ought to be doing so in a stylish, non-awful manner.

In that spirit, we present a fall-friendly pair of sunglasses by New Orleans-inspired brand, Krewe.

Inspired by Algiers Point, a small historic neighborhood on the bend of the Mississippi River, the Olivier features one of the most classic shapes in eyewear. From its lightweight construction to its prominent square lines, the Olivier traverses all manner of styles and faces.

Featuring 100% UVA/UVB protection, amber polarized lenses, and high-quality Italian-made acetate frames, the Olivier is an exceptionally well-made pair of sunglasses.

And, sized at 52-19-145, they’ll suit all manner of faces.

  • $215.00

B Cool Chino

Barney Cools

The banner color of fall is khaki.

It’s subdued, but not dark and wintery. And it lends a degree of character to a t-shirt and trousers, rather than just sweaters and jeans at all times.

In that spirit, we present Barney Cools’ stone chinos.

Sporting a slim (but not skinny) fit, these are an affordable, versatile, and attractive option for the fall months.

Cuffed and paired with all manner of shoes and shirts, you’ll be sure to look your best.

Muller Brown Bulcher Boot

Helm Boots

It’s hard to write reasonable sentences about Helm’s Bulcher Boots.

On the one hand, I could list the reasons they’re great. From their clean lines and soft leather to their unbelievably sturdy construction, they’re a technical feat as well as a strikingly attractive design to behold. They have a round cap toe, six brass eyelet shaft, smooth full grain Carolina Brown Tasman Excel leather, oil treatment, and the signature HELM white midsole.

On the other hand, reasons aside, THEY’RE JUST SO GOOD.

Look at them. Bask in their presence.

Made in America, durable, and stylistically versatile, the Muller Brown Bulcher Boot is one of the finest on the market. And you’d do well to invest in some.

We love HELM with every fiber of our respective beings. You will, too.

(These boots are true-to-size.)


Native Union

Were you awake in the middle of the night pre-ordering an iPhone recently? (Or were you sitting awake, sad that you aren’t eligible for an upgrade yet?)

We were, too. (Literally all of us*.)

In advance of your beautiful phone’s impending arrival (or as a means to spruce up your existing device), we present the NIGHT Cable by Native Union.

It’s a 10-foot braided cable, sporting a beautiful marine blue hue. And, best of all, a weighted knot to keep the cable in place on a flat surface.

In other words, no hunting around for stubby lost (and, frankly, frayed and tangled) lightning cables. Instead, just attractive, long, tangle-free, and convenient cables from now on.

What an idea, eh?

*I was, but I’m not sure about anyone else on the team. I’m too ashamed to ask.

  • $39.99

Clinton Shirt

Bridge & Burn

It’s not quite time for heavy-duty flannels yet, but that’s not to say you can’t start cultivating the look.

Bridge & Burn’s Clinton features a Fall-friendly design with a more temperature versatile body.

Sporting a charcoal and red plaid, Bridge & Burn’s Clinton is an uncomplicated, attractive, and well-made shirt for the Fall.

Paired with a pair of navy chinos or denim, you’ll look the part.

  • $118.00
  • Options

    S M L XL

Kemble Utility Waistcoat

Realm & Empire

Have you ever wanted to cultivate the look of the stern, but mildly-affable military colonel in virtually ever Michael Bay film ever made?

The sort of person standing to the side of the fray with his thumbs in his vest, scowling slightly at Shia Leboeuf. (Who, frankly, deserves it.)

Well, now you can.

Featuring a robust herringbone cotton construction, wadded lining, utility pockets, and a para-cord loop for keys, this is a beautiful outer layer for the transitional months.

Paired with a t-shirt or flannel, you’ll look the part, whilst also being comfortable and stylish.

  • $129.00
  • Options

    S M L XL

Polk 5-Pocket Navy Chinos

Bridge & Burn

You ought to have a comfortable pair of well-made navy chinos for Fall.

Garment-washed and made with 1% spandex, Bridge & Burn’s Polk chinos will be comfortable from the outset.

And, for those of you investing in larger phones, these are equipped with larger pockets for comfortable carrying.

All jokes, snark, and typical #narrative aside, these are simply a straightforward pair of chinos. Featuring five pockets and a straight leg, they’re not too slim, they’re exceptionally comfortable for all manner of fits, and they’ll serve you faithfully throughout the year.

End of description.

Apollo Chukka

Native Shoes

Donald Trump, a certifiably awful person, is running for president. What a time to be alive!

At the same time, though, it’s acceptable to wear minimalist sneakers with your outfits.

And that’s actually pretty great.

We’ve all been pretending for years that brogues and the like are comfortable. And, in doing so, we’ve all been perpetuating a disproportionately terrible lie to the world.

The reality is that some minimalist shoes will look great with a broad variety of outfits.

And, moreover, it’ll feel as though you’re wearing pillows on your feet at all times.

In that spirit, we present Native’s Apollo Chukka in Dublin Grey.

Priced affordably, these perforated micro-fiber shoes are extremely well-made, whilst also sporting a striking, minimalist look that’ll capture the hearts and minds of Americans everywhere.

They’re lightweight, attractive, comfortable, and, generally, just pretty great. They’ll give you some renewed hope about life.

Challenger Eco-Fleece Pullover Hoodie

Alternative Apparel

Whether you’re heading to the gym or your relaxing at home, nothing beats a comfortable hoodie in the cooler months.

And, as we’ve all learned, Alternative Apparel’s Eco-Fleece wares are a lot like wearing clouds.

It’s comfortable without being too warm, soft, and designed in a nicely minimalist and unbranded manner.

Made with 50% polyester, 46% cotton, and 4% rayon, it’s a durable design.

You can’t go wrong.

  • $54.00
  • Out Of Stock

Triple Double Eco-Mock Twist Shorts

Alternative Apparel

Stop wandering into the street wearing nothing but your underwear.

Invest in a great pair of comfortable, well-made shorts for the home.

Featuring pockets and a drawstring waist, these are comfortable, attractive, and responsibly-made shorts for your home life.

Burn all pairs of basketball shorts and opt for something a little more dignified this fall.

  • $50.00
  • Options

    S M L XL

Big Sur Trail Soap

Juniper Ridge

Have you ever stumbled into the neon wonderland that is the toiletries aisle at Target? It’s an overwhelmingly bright and hyperbolic place.

Everyone wants to freshen you and invigorate you and exfoliate your skin, but no one actually wants to do so in a dignified way.

So, we turned to Juniper Ridge to find a more dignified alternative.

The result is their Big Sur Trail Soap, a wild-harvested fragrance made from black sage flowers, Cypress pitch, sea tincture, and Monterey pine needles.

And it smells unbelievably good.

Featuring a minimalist design and petrochemical-free chemistry, Juniper Ridge’s Big Sur Trail Soap is a revelation. And you’d do well to invest in some.

  • $30.00

Whiskey Wedge


When I was attending university, I spent a week during a summer learning to drink whiskey like a gentleman.

We’d open a bottle of whiskey (or bourbon) each evening and drink a few glasses straight — with no ice — for the sake of becoming adults.

(Because, truly, there’s nothing worse than knowing you’re grimacing over a drink as you’re standing amongst your peers.)

Fast forwarding to today, whiskey’s my de facto choice. And, with ice, it’s a wonderful thing after a long day.

The trouble, though, is that the ice tends to dilute the whiskey. It’ll cut away at the taste, stripping it down to brown water all-too-quickly.

In an effort to side-step this age-old problem, Corkcicle have introduced the Whiskey Wedge.

Simply insert the Whiskey Wedge mold onto a glass, fill with water, and store in a freezer for four hours. The result will be a perfectly slanted corner of ice, which’ll be significantly slower to melt than traditional ice cubes.

No more watered down whiskey. (Or, indeed, vodka or tequila.)

  • $17.95