February 2015

Letter from the Editor

I'm going to start my letter this morning somewhat differently than usual. Rather than reflecting upon our current collection and our latest news, I'm going to focus, instead, upon what's happening behind the scenes at Need during such a pivotal month.

If you'll indulge me, the thought process leading to this letter began when I woke up this morning. Flicking through my various feeds to catch-up, I was greeted with an obnoxious headline — on Facebook, of course — regarding a recent Taiwanese airline crash. Someone's dash camera had captured the horrific moment and, in turn, another so-called journalist had taken it upon himself to twist this harrowing scene into a heavily baited, shallow, and heartless headline.

This has become the depressing nature of online discourse. Rather than simply offering information with which the reader can make a judgment, we've coaxed ourselves into writing misleading, embarrassing, and utterly worthless headlines to bait people into clicking.

Facebook has become the modern equivalent of a nineties-era email forwarding chain. You have become your mother's AOL inbox. We are all the worst.

Well, those are my feelings, anyway.

Many, many words have been uttered on this topic. And, truly, who am I to comment? I'm not a journalist, nor do I run a business wherein I must trade in an economy of eyes and clicks.

I understand the why. I just don't agree with the reasoning therein.

I fear we're fast becoming a generation who'll be uttering phrases like, "Oh my god! You won't believe what happens next!" to our children when perusing Dr. Seuss. Family photo albums will be entitled "30 Pictures of The Breakfast Buffet at Orlando's Holiday Inn That You Simply Won't Believe." (And then, of course, there is the dreaded hashtag. Which, regardless of what the "Social Media Rockstar" in your life suggests, is almost entirely defunct.)

Why engage in such a rant before introducing our latest collection? Well, simply put, transparency and communication have been on my mind.

Last week, we announced our sibling concept, Foremost, and, today, we're introducing our first men's and women's collection. And, over the past few months, we've sent more email than we're typically accustomed to sending.

Beyond the obvious questions surrounding the harmony and relationships between these two properties, there's a question of intonation, communication, and transparency when presenting these two concepts. Whether we're acknowledging that we're all learning as we go or that we, frequently, have no idea what we're doing, I've been expending a huge amount of effort on the means through which we discuss, relate, and articulate these ideas. And, most importantly, to do so without tripping the increasingly prevalent trap of baited nonsense headlines and subject-lines.

I cite this morning's deplorable Facebook vomit as what I increasingly perceive to be the modern response. That, rather than engage in transparency, we work to con, connive, and bait people into visiting, clicking, and buying from each site. That, rather than sharing what is happening behind the scenes and allowing us to become closer with those who enjoy what we produce, we ought to be skeptical of their intelligence and ability to comprehend.

I tend to think this is nonsense.

So, it is now, after a few hundred words, that I introduce Vol. 2.3. Following through on some commitments we made on Imprint in October 2014, we are introducing our first men's and women's collection.

Ahead of Valentine's Day, we've got all manner of the finest gift ideas for the man or woman in your life.

At the moment, for the sake of transparency, this is an experiment. We simply do not know how people will respond to a collection of this size or diversity. And, to be honest, I'm not in the business of presenting it under any other light.

We've dubbed the collection, simply, "His/Hers." It features exclusive jewelry, sleepwear, denim, and more. And, honestly, it might be my favorite collection we've produced so far.

We were honored to have Dara Maclean and Donnie Petty as our models. They're both exceptionally talented people and we were thrilled they'd give up a morning to spend time with us.

The photography was handled deftly, once again, by our own Jordan Laessig with assistance from Hannah Morrison and Amber England.

The moral of all of these words? Why lead you down such a lengthy road that begins with, of all things, a tragic plane crash? Honestly, I don't have a good answer.

All I will say is that the introduction of Foremost is a resounding and emphatic statement that we are invested in the preservation of the integrity, dignity, and taste of Need. Introducing a second property means we remove any pressure upon us to pivot, alter, or adjust our plans. Rather, we are now given a remit of simply being the best we can possibly be as a curated publication and retailer.

We've got a huge amount in the pipeline for 2015. And, as we introduce an experiment men's and women's collection this month, I can assure you such experimentation will only continue.

You won't believe what happens next!

I'm kidding. Sorry. It's been a long few weeks.

As always, thank you for your kind support. We'll see you next Wednesday for Foremost's launch.

Matt Alexander / Founder & CEO

  • Hartley Bomber Jacket
  • Natural Slub Tee
  • Classic Sheffield
  • Grim Tim Black Ring
  • The Brown 30 Year Belt
  • Winter No. 1
  • All-In-One Lotion
  • The Great Discontent, No. 2
  • Cereal No. 8
  • Cedar + Sage Candle
  • Garzas Go to Paris
  • Crack
  • Yerba Mate Truffle
  • Neat Ice Kit (Double Mold)
  • Classic Cream Pajamas
  • The Hannah Necklace
  • Mystic Studs
  • The Need Stack
  • The Raya
  • Fly Away Feather Necklace
  • Luggage Tag
  • The Mermaid

Hartley Bomber Jacket


It's a time of year characterized by cold, grey mornings. Heavy clouds hang over our respective cities and our heads feel the pressure.

It's an ideal time to wear a more muted palette. Rather than wearing a summery vest or otherwise, we'd recommend a great bomber jacket. And this one from Bellfield is a fantastic option.

Made with a soft wool blend and sporting a black tweed texture, the Hartley Bomber Jacket is a warm, attractive, and spartan design for grey morning walks, late evening drinks, and midday outdoor coffees.

  • $80.00
  • Select Size

    S M L XL

Natural Slub Tee

Buck Mason

Last month, we introduced Buck Mason to Need's audience for the first time. And the response was overwhelmingly positive.

This month, due to popular demand, we're bringing back the Natural Slub Tee in white. Made with one hundred percent cotton slub material and made in the USA, the white slub tee is a stylish, comfortable, and versatile shirt.

Worn with all manner of outfits, it's an affordable and indefatigably unique option for gentlemen seeking to upgrade the basics in their wardrobe.

  • $24.00
  • Select Size

    S M L XL

Classic Sheffield

Daniel Wellington

This month, I'm affording myself another opportunity to continue my pro-watch agenda.

You ought to be wearing one. If you're not, I'm judging you right now. (Right now.)

What's that? You're waiting for the Apple Watch? That's understandable. It looks to be shaping up rather well.

At the same time, do you not think you'd profit from some dignity and versatility in your timepieces? Rather than wearing the same watch everyday, why not own several affordable options for various different looks.

Daniel Wellington's Classic Sheffield features a black strap and rose gold face. It's a striking, yet minimalistic look that'd go well with an enormous variety of outfits.

Although it may not vibrate when you receive a text message, it will tell time for months upon months without recharging, it's thin enough that it'll fit easily under a shirt cuff, and it'll be sure to draw a great deal of praise.

The Apple Watch will be interesting. It will not, however, obviate the relevance and value of a decent men's watch.

  • $190.00

Grim Tim Black Ring

Nudie Jeans Co.

Nudie's Grim Tim denim has been a Need staple since our first collection. And deservedly so. It's a phenomenal cut, designed and produced with exceptional care.

We've been looking for a variant on this staple for quite some time. When wearing blacks, whites, and greys, we wanted something different, but that still fit exceptionally well.

When speaking with Nudie, it was highlighted that we'd yet to experiment with their black denim. So, here we are to right that wrong.

Nudie's Grim Tim Black Rings are the perfect pair of black jeans. Featuring a black, stretch fabric — dyed over a deep indigo hue — these are jeans that will develop an unbelievable amount of character over time.

Made in Italy and weighing in at 12.25 ounces of organic denim, the Grim Tim Black Ring is the perfect, slimmer-fitting (but still not too tight in the thigh) option for someone looking for a good variant option.

The Brown 30 Year Belt

Buck Mason

Much as a gentleman should always wear a watch, so too should he always wear a belt.

Ideally paired with some raw denim or chinos, Buck Mason's brown 30-year belt is made with Buffalo hide and is designed to last — and age nicely — for thirty years. And its solid brass buckle is designed to survive for the same period of heavy use.

At 1.25 inches in width, this is a belt that'll work with all manner of trousers and, in doing so, will look phenomenal.

Winter No. 1

Beard Supply Co.

Have you embraced your inner woodsman and grown a luscious beard? (Or, as it is for many, have you got some semblance of facial hair — sans lusciousness — at the moment?)

Well, Beard Supply Co. have produced an exceptional beard oil to aid with all manner of facial hair.

Sporting hints of tobacco, coffee, cedar wood, pine, peppermint, and ginger, Beard Supply Co.'s Winter, No. 1 is an exceptional oil that'll be sure to support the healthy growth of your beard, whilst also keeping it soft and well-mannered.

Regardless of your current facial hair, this is a phenomenal — freshly-bottled — oil that you'd do well to own.

(I've been using this one for months and can attest to its greatness.)

  • $24.00

All-In-One Lotion

Manready Mercantile

Have you ever gazed at the seemingly endless options of men's lotions and felt lost? Did it feel as though you'd glimpsed the breadth of the universe and you'd finally come to understand your smallness in the grand scheme?

Well, here's an All-in-One Lotion from the fine folks at Manready Mercantile.

Featuring one hundred percent vegetarian ingredients, a bergamot and teak scent, no synthetic fragrances, no oily residue, and versatile absorption for all manner of skin types, this is the ideal lotion for gentlemen to easily improve their appearance with minimal effort.

The classic smell of "deep, mossy woods" will restore your sanity, whilst the lotion itself will instantly alter your skin for the better.

  • $22.00
  • Out Of Stock

The Great Discontent, No. 2

The Great Discontent

The Great Discontent continues to be one of the finest digital publications in the world. Each week, we look forward to reading about their latest guests, whilst also enjoying their in-depth reporting and top-notch photography.

Naturally, we're ongoing proponents of the print edition. The first issue was one of the most popular publications we've sold and, so, we're thrilled to return with the second.

Featuring nine long-form interviews and three featurettes — weighing in at one hundred and sixty pages — Issue No. 2 features the likes of Sharon Van Etten, Samantha Pleet, Molly Crabapple, Paul Octavious, Michael Cina, and more.

Focusing upon a theme of both hustle and "making it," Issue No. 2 is a phenomenal read.

  • $25.00

Cereal No. 8


I've gushed about Cereal for months. It's simply one of the most beautifully-produced publications on the market.

Volume 8 continues the tradition with features about the Yukon, Hong Kong, and St. Ives.

The photography is immersive. The typography is well-considered. And, at one hundred and forty-eight pages in length, there's plenty to consume for the weeks and months to come.

  • $22.00

Cedar + Sage Candle

Manready Mercantile

I remember the first time I bought a candle.

It was several weeks before Christmas and, as I had just moved into my own apartment. At the time, I felt the natural, dignified, gentlemanly thing to do was to try to have it look as presentable and festive as possible.

I wandered into Pottery Barn (I know) and found a Christmas candle (I know) and bought two (I know). And, despite all the various issues with everything I've written up to this juncture, it's one of the finest decisions I've made.

Candles have an immediate impact upon your home life. They have a soothing smell (I know), they look great, and they are inviting to guests.

Manready Mercantile's Cedar and Sage candle is an ideal option. (Far better than any options I purchased four years ago.) It features a scent reminiscent of leather and mossy woods.

Featuring soy wax, these are clean burning. And, best of all, they're hand-poured into whiskey glasses and may be reused as such afterwards.

  • $28.00
  • Out Of Stock

Garzas Go to Paris

Sara & Rocky Garza Photography

Friends of Need, Sara and Rocky Garza, are some of the finest photographers we've come across.

They're known for their personal connections with their subjects, their novel techniques, and their exceptional creativity. And, accordingly, their work has become increasingly popular.

Last summer, they took time away from their busy schedules and simply moved to Paris for a month or two. Without any specific plans, they immersed themselves into Parisian culture and shot some beautiful photography.

We're honored to offer one of our favorite prints — framed in a wonderfully minimalistic frame — showing a small Parisian antique store with a Vespa parked outside.

It's an affordable, attractive, and rich image to own. We think you'll agree.

  • $100.00


Dude, Sweet

Tired of rose gold watches and carefully-printed Parisian photography? Well, we've also got crack.

In some respects, anyway.

Dude, Sweet Chocolate's Crack in a Box is chocolate with nuts, but in a bark style. Whole hazelnuts, almonds, macadamia, and soy are tossed in egg whites, powdered sugar, and sea salt, before being candied in the oven. They're then covered in South American chocolate and raw cocoa nibs.

So, you know, crack.

If there's one time to indulge on some top notch chocolate, it's Valentine's. So, take advantage.

  • $12.00
  • Out Of Stock

Yerba Mate Truffle

Dude, Sweet

Crack isn't your thing? Or you want to diversify your crack? Well, fortunately, we have options.

Dude, Sweet's Yerba Mate Truffle features green tea, lemon, and honey overtones in a soft truffle form.

Covered in powdered sugar and available in cylindrical packages of six, the Yerba Mate Truffle is a delicious, non-crack option for your Valentine's chocolate needs.

  • $13.00
  • Out Of Stock

Neat Ice Kit (Double Mold)

Studio Neat

Last year, the kind gentlemen at Studio Neat introduced the Neat Ice Kit via Kickstarter. With a goal of $50,000, they promptly hit $155,000 by the end of the campaign — as they’ve been so prone to do over the past few years.

The idea? Simply put, the kit enables you to create perfectly clear ice for cocktails at home.

Whether you want a beautifully clear cube of ice for an Old Fashioned, crushed ice for a Mint Julep, or large chunks of ice for any other drink, the Neat Ice Kit has you covered. And, more than anything else, it’s a delight to use.

Each kit comes with two ice molds — so you’ll have an ample, rotating supply of ice — a Lewis bag (for making crushed ice), an ice chisel (and bottle opener), and a wooden muddler for cutting or crushing ice.

  • $80.00

Classic Cream Pajamas

Desmond & Dempsey

Pardon me for a moment while I provide a plug for one of my favorite products on the market today. Joel Jeffery and Molly Goddard founded Desmond & Dempsey last year as a London-made sleepwear brand for women.

Inspired by the casual allure of a girlfriend wearing her boyfriend's dress shirt, they've created modern takes on traditional pajamas with modern prints — designed by Joel's brother, Christian — and fabrics.

They've been receiving a huge amount of press in the U.K. as of late and, as we prepared for our first men's and women's collection, I had an ideal opportunity to include their latest pajamas.

Made with one hundred percent cotton, mother of pearl buttons, and lined with a contrasting yoke, the Classic Cream pajamas are the perfect option for the woman in your life.

Available exclusively from Need in the U.S.

  • $180.00
  • Select Size

    S M L

The Hannah Necklace

LAW Designs

Have you ever wondered how each month's collections come together at Need? Who's responsible for seeking out the best products on the market?

It's all down to a remarkable young woman — and the first Need team member — Hannah Morrison. Married one year ago this month, Hannah is celebrating quite a bit this month. And commemorating her partnership, LAW Designs put together this exclusive necklace in her name.

One hundred percent handmade with teal agate stone beads, imported tassels, and gold detailing, the Hannah is a beautiful necklace for all manner of occasion.

Available exclusively from Need.

  • $80.00

Mystic Studs

Kristin Miller

Kristin Miller is a phenomenal jewelry designer. As such, when we co-hosted Unbranded in Dallas over the holiday season, we were sure to invite her to showcase her work. In the time since, she's become a great friend to both Need and Foremost.

So, for our first men's and women's collection, Kristin created a custom sodalite earring for Need. Pairing a round sodalite stud with a hand-cast brass triangle and surgical steel ear post, these are storied, affordable, and exceptionally attractive earrings.

Versatile in appearance and conducive to all manner of outfits, we were stunned with what Kristin created.

Available exclusively from Need.

  • $52.00

The Need Stack

The Shine Project

When we went in search of women's jewelry, we quickly came across Ashley Lemieux — a remarkable local designer — who's charitably supporting inner-city youth in American cities.

And, just for Need, she put together a custom stack of bangles, including gold feather, silver nykelle, and a green apple pixie and named it the Need stack.

It's an honor to work with Ashley and we're thrilled to offer such an attractive stack.

Available exclusively from Need.

  • $55.00
  • Out Of Stock

The Raya

Blaine Bowen

The bullet-points of the Raya bangle speak for themselves:

It's a pave diamond, double-chevron bangle on a sterling silver body.

In other words, it's a well-made, affordable, and exceptionally attractive bangle. Its angular shape is striking, its construction is top notch, and its pave diamonds are sure to draw a great deal of praise.

Paired with formal and casual outfits alike, this bangle will be exceptionally popular.

Available exclusively from Need.

Fly Away Feather Necklace

Blaine Bowen

Looking for a necklace for the woman in your life? Of course you are. Who wouldn't?

The trouble, though, is that so many are poorly differentiated. Whether plain silver chains or uninspired designs, there are a great many pitfalls when shopping for women's necklaces.

Our suggestion? Blaine Bowen's Fly Away necklace.

Sporting a gold-dipped feather, a labradorite gemstone, and a thirty-inch gold chain, the Fly Away is a beautifully unique necklace.

Available exclusively from Need.

  • $40.00

Luggage Tag


Tired of writing and re-writing on those flimsy paper tags provided at the check-in counter at airports?

Even more tired of people trying to pick up your bag as if it were their own from the baggage claim? It happens all-too-often and something must be done.

Short of a petition or a protest or something, we've instead produced some one-off chocolate brown leather luggage tags. Featuring gold embossed "His" and "Hers" monikers, these are affordable, durable, and annoyingly useful items that'll immediately set your luggage apart from the crowd.

The Mermaid

Foot Cardigan

What would a Need collection be without Foot Cardigan socks? Nothing. That's what.

Commemorating our first men's and women's collection, though, we're thrilled to offer women's socks this month.

Aptly named "The Mermaid," these are a colorful, comfortable design, perfect to be worn around the house on a quiet weekend morning.

  • $12.00