July 2015

Letter from the Editor

Several months ago, I was asked how a community might bring the "idea of fashion" to their town.

I responded, simply, that fashion is a reductive term for culture.

And, the more I think about it, the more I wish to underline, emboss, and articulate that sentiment. (And maybe yell and scream it at certain people.)

In broad strokes, fashion and style are terms that’ve been twisted and skewed for centuries. And, in recent years, it’s come to define an elitist sense of looking and feeling better than someone.

The truth, however, is that a pursuit of fashion ought to be derived from a pursuit of culture. As you attempt to learn more about art and film, you’ll learn more about how to dress and behave by osmosis. The broader pursuit of cultural awareness gives way to style and art, rather than individual efforts toward one reductive goal or another.

In other words, fashion is a component of a broader structure, rather than its own unattainable tower, standing apart from the people.

And, yet, we’ve found ourselves in a reductive world in which fashion means high-end brands, exclusive parties, and a pervasive sense of elitism. And that’s just not the case at all.

Fashion and style are immaterial by-products of people trying to live a little more interestingly. And I think it’s that latter concept that ought to inform so much of how we consider our clothing and whatnot.

You ought to be motivated to dress a little more interestingly, just as you are motivated to hear a little more music and read a few more novels from time-to-time. It shouldn't be a pursuit instigated by some sense of inferiority.

For all of this, what am I trying to say?

Well, to the person who asked me the question of fashion earlier this year, the way you bring more fashion to your town — or company or school or home — is by fostering an environment conducive to creativity and individuality. The rest will follow along organically.

It ought to not be seen as a high-end, prohibitive idea, but, rather, as an accessible, cultural spin-off.

The concept of fashion and style as being an exclusive, high-end club is what drives so much confusion and disgust around the industry.

It’s muddied the waters for independent creators who wish to stand apart from the crowd, creating great, storied products for people. They run the risk of being judged for charging a proportionate cost for their work, written off simply as another “exclusive” brand.

How can we contribute to democratizing fashion? Well, there’s certainly no need for personal stylists or other such mechanisms.

The simple truth is that everyone is perfectly capable of making small, meaningful changes to how they dress to inform their attitudes, experiences, and so on. If we can help in a small way by removing some of the variables, then we're happy.

It ultimately comes down to telling grounded stories, sharing clothing — and the ideas therein — with some sense of cultural context. Whether that's the weather or current affairs, these are the things that ought to drive our desire to dress a little differently, rather than some misunderstood sense of trying to look better than others.

So, for Volume 2.8, we focused upon a relatable, utterly simple idea: a day in the life of the modern commuter.

Leaving home, he rides his bike to work in his casual wear. He makes a coffee, changes into his dress shirt and tie, and finds a brief moment to relax at the office between meetings. And, finally, he leaves for the day, changing into a casual shirt, to go for drinks nearby.

From the perfect bike to the perfect tie to the perfect sunglasses, we covered a broad spread of items from the beginning to the end of the day.

They're not borne out of fantasy, but, instead, derived from the day-to-day experience of a modern person. And, perhaps, that might make it somewhat more approachable.

The shoot was handled deftly by Mr. Richard Ross, with modeling done by Mr. Charlie Price, founder of the world-renowned salon, Hair by Charlie.

(And it was shot at the all-new Edition Collective Inc. offices!)

Additionally, the 11+ case was shot by Danny Raybon, whilst the Stadium Jacket was shot by Dagney Piasecki in Austin.

I write it every month, but I truly believe this is our finest collection to-date. Be sure to let us know if you agree.

Yours sincerely,

Matt Alexander

Founder + CEO

  • Palermo Tripolina Chair
  • The Whaler Bicycle
  • Bonde Sunglasses
  • BN0021
  • Tan Card Sleeve
  • Jai Check Shirt
  • Tai Slim Fit Chino
  • Emilio LE Chukka
  • Daypack
  • Vintage English Rose Skinny Necktie
  • Gemini Oxford Shirt
  • iPhone 6 Case
  • Stadium Jacket
  • Lucky Man Shirt
  • The Escapist

Palermo Tripolina Chair

The Citizenry

Sitting in The Citizenry’s Palermo Tripolina Chair is a lot like sitting atop a throne befitting the greatest leaders in history.

It’s a beautiful, intricately-produced object. And, for even the brief amount of time we had it in the office, the chair never failed to lure people to its side, like some sort of character out of epic poetry.

Made with one-hundred percent Argentinian vegetable-tanned polo saddle leather and hand-stitched in Buenos Aires, the Palermo Tripolina Chair is just as attractive as it is responsibly-made.

The supporting frame is made with high-quality guindo wood — a lightweight, durable timber — and iron fixtures. (The stool is not included, but available separately.)

In other words, it’s a beautiful, strong, and sustainably-produced object that’s sure to get you precisely 22.3x more compliments in your day.

And, although it's costly, it'll last a lifetime, whilst also supporting phenomenal artisans abroad.

  • $650.00
  • Out Of Stock

The Whaler Bicycle

Solé Bicycles

So, you’re looking for a way to get from one place to another, but you don’t want to sprint ten miles to do so. What on earth do you do?

Scientists have agonized over this question for decades, showing little sign of a solution.

We, however, have one.

It’s called a bicycle and it allows you to travel great distances, whilst also getting comfortable breeze and healthy exercise.

Available in a beautiful hue of blue, with white tires and rims, and a brown leather seat, the Whaler by Solé is a genuine beauty to behold.

The bike arrives ninety percent assembled, weighing only twenty-six pounds, and requires you to follow some straightforward instructions to affix the front wheel and handlebars to the frame.

In all, it'll take you five minutes to complete and, from then on, you'll be gifted with majestic freedom of movement around your city.

The frame’s integrity is guaranteed for life, whilst the bicycle itself is covered by a year-long warranty on all components.

Confused about sizing, we have — gasp — a handy sizing chart to help.

We've had The Whaler in the office for just over a month and, in that time, it has never failed to draw the compliments of various visitors. We suspect it'd do the same for you, too.

Bonde Sunglasses


On Sunday, July 19, Mick Fanning, an Australian surfer, successfully fought off a shark in South Africa.

Asked how he reacted, Fanning recalled, “I just saw the fin, I didn’t see the teeth. I was waiting for the teeth to come at me as I was swimming ... I punched it in the back.”

Later, he added, “I’m just so stoked.”

So, in summary, Australians are better than all of us at almost everything.

In that spirit, we present the Bonde sunglasses by Ksubi, a phenomenal Australian lifestyle brand.

The glasses are beautiful, minimally-branded, and exceptionally well-made. Sporting transparent plastic behind the ear and a tortoise brown throughout the remainder of the frame, the Bonde is a stunning, yet simple design.

Put these on and channel your inner-Australian and be better than everyone else at everything. You'll have a great day.

  • $149.00



In the age of the smartwatch, a great many people have asked about the fate of the traditional analog timepiece.

And, based upon the past few months, the response has been an emphatic statement of support for the beauty, versatility, and functionality of traditional watches.

They're lightweight, eminently adjustable, and suffer from no performance pitfalls. Instead, they simply tell the time reliably, allowing you to press on with your day, unencumbered with noisy data and battery warnings.

From within that crowd, Braun's BN0021WHBRG is an immediate candidate for your wrist real estate.

It's an understated, well-designed object, whilst also being exceptionally affordable.

Featuring a quartz, three-hand movement, scratch resistant glass, and fifty meter water resistance, the BN0021WHBRG is a stylistically immutable option for the discerning watch-wearer.

The BN0021WHBRG model is the men's model, featuring a white 38mm face and a soft brown leather band.

Even for those who, like me, have opted in for an Apple Watch, I will always have time (ahem) for beautiful objects like the BN0021WHBRG in my week, step counts be damned.

  • $160.00

Tan Card Sleeve


In life, one of the greatest exercises you can undertake is to assess what is — and is not — necessary for your day-to-day life.

Whether you’re carrying an umbrella everyday or loading your pockets down with enormous, janitor-esque sets of keys, you’d be surprised at how much freedom you can derive from simply reducing the amount of matter cluttering your person.

Bellroy’s Card Sleeve is a minimalistic option for toting your cards and cash throughout the day.

With room for up to eight credit cards, the premium vegetable-tanned leather sleeve is spacious without being prohibitive.

And, for reaching all of those cards, it has an amazingly novel pull tab for quickly accessing all cards in the main compartment.

It’s covered by a three year warranty, it’s devilishly attractive, and it might just convince you to stop pointlessly carrying your student ID with you everyday.

  • $54.00

Jai Check Shirt

General Assembly

Stop wearing performance fabric golf polos as summer casual wear. It’s not okay.


Stop it.

No one reads you as being an executive man of leisure. They just think you look like a weirdly shiny, poorly-dressed person.

Invest in a good set of casual summer-friendly shirts.

General Assembly’s Jai Check shirt is a first step.

Sporting a colorful check pattern and a lightweight cotton fabric, the Jai Check is a strikingly unique shirt for the summer months.

Paired with shorts, chinos, or jeans, it’ll retain an air of style and care, whilst also instilling a sense of individuality and style into those everyday moments.

And, soon, you’ll find yourself judging all the shiny golf shirted men of the world, too.

  • $69.00
  • Out Of Stock

Tai Slim Fit Chino

Realm & Empire

You ought to own some good, versatile chinos for the warmer months.

They're breathable and lightweight, allowing you a greater degree of comfort throughout the day.

Although most will lack the character of denim, we've opted for Realm & Empire's Tai Slim Fit Chinos this month.

As with all of Realm & Empire's products, these chinos come replete with an amazing narrative.

Specifically, Realm & Empire's Tai Slim Fit Chinos are modeled on the original chinos given to British soldiers in the nineteenth century.

Once used to help their men be more comfortable in warmer weather, Realm & Empire have taken these patterns, slimmed them down, and updated the fabrics for a more modern take on the traditional design.

The result is a simple pair of well-designed chinos, ideally suited for the summer months.

Whether cuffed or worn straight, you simply will not go wrong.

Emilio LE Chukka


You ought to own some well-made leather chukkas. They're a permanent staple of the modern style lexicon and, truly, that's for a good reason.

Handmade in Peru in sustainable and responsible working conditions, the Emilio Chukka — available in a brandy hue of brown — is a versatile, comfortable, and exceptionally well-designed shoe.

Whether you’re reclining at a bar or wandering into a board room, the Emilio Chukkas will carry you perfectly from the beginning of the day into the late evening.

They’re made with extraordinary care — particularly for the price — and will add an immediate and unmistakeable air of class to your presentation.

(The Emilio can run up to half a size small, so, if you’re between sizes, it’s best to skew a little larger.)

Feel better about your shoes. Others will notice.



Due to popular demand, we're bringing back Amos' stunning Daypack for a victory lap.

Sporting a durable wool felt body, adjustable leather straps, magnetic clasps, and minimalistic brass fixtures, the Daypack is an objectively beautiful item to behold.

With its internal padded laptop sleeve — fitting up to a 15-inch laptop — Amos’ bag is the ultimate expression of what a backpack ought to be for so many people.

For those commuting, traveling, and, generally, moving around over the coming months, the Amos Daypack is a perfect option for the discerning customer.

It'll pair well with all manner of looks, whilst also adding an air of sophistication and character to any outfit.

  • $145.00

Vintage English Rose Skinny Necktie

General Knot & Co

If you have to wear a tie, you can at least wear one oozing with character and style.

Skip your hand over the plain tie and opt for General Knot's Vintage English Rose necktie.

Measuring 2-inches by 58-inches, the Vintage English Rose necktie is a genuine showstopper.

Paired with a white or blue shirt, you'll firmly instill a sense of character and individuality, without detracting from your formal attire.

It's a style designed to enhance even the most stiff of looks, whilst infusing you with an indefatigable sense of confidence throughout the day.

  • $89.00

Gemini Oxford Shirt

Ministry of Supply

Tired of being weighed down by a sweaty shirt within minutes of leaving your home?

Ministry of Supply's sweat and wrinkle-proof Oxford shirt, the Gemini, is the ideal solution.

Although it bears all the hallmarks of a traditional dress shirt, it's made with fabrics literally designed by engineers out of NASA to ensure you're at your most comfortable throughout the day.

It ought to be a staple of your wardrobe. Trust us.

  • $148.00
  • Options

    S M L XL

iPhone 6 Case


High schools are petri dishes riddled with filth, scientific anomalies, and bad ideas.

Each one is different — sometimes radically so — but there is always a constant.

I speak, of course, of the try-hard.

Forgetting that I started this with a scientific metaphor, the try-hard is a person who incessantly works to be the person who can answer all questions, be the best time at a party, laugh the hardest at every unfunny joke, and so on.

In other words, the try-hard of your high school days is your phone case.

(This is a strangled route, but I promise I’ll bring it all together. Ahem.)

The iPhone 6 is a gorgeous feat of industrial engineering. And, if you feel you must protect this device of yours, I urge you to consider a more minimalist case.

You don’t need a borderline rubberized briefcase to get caught in your pockets everyday, just as you don’t need to wear a militarized helmet every time you walk across the office.

Instead, we introduce the 11+ iPhone 6 case in white and grey.

Each case is exceptionally minimal, sporting no branding aside from the case’s corresponding Pantone color code.

In terms of specifics, they’re made with a robust and high-quality polycarbonate, featuring side buttons and a scratch-resistant surface. So, despite the simple, alluring design, it’s actually one of the more rugged options on the market.

So, in summary, science.

Or something.

Stadium Jacket

Welcome Stranger

The best thing about owning a great bomber jacket is that you can be a functional, fashionable adult, without all the baggage of being a once-mildly-successful high school football player.

Welcome Stranger’s Stadium Jacket is an ideal candidate to this end.

It’s a beautifully-textured piece of pseudo-outerwear, well-suited to all manner of looks.

Paired with a shirt and tie or a t-shirt and jeans, you’ll add an immediate air of style and taste to your look. And, in doing so, you’ll effectively be getting away with wearing a lightweight sweatshirt (60% cotton, 30% rayon, and 10% polyester) throughout the day.

Regardless of how you look at it, the Stadium Jacket is a great option.

Skip the crippling coping mechanisms of your twenties and thirties and, instead, simply look your best throughout the day.

  • $149.00
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    S M L XL

Lucky Man Shirt

Lifetime Collective

All men ought to own work shirts and life shirts, just as you ought to try to find a balance between work and home.

Wearing a different shirt at the weekend and in the evenings is a subtle concept, but it'll allow to subconsciously draw dividing lines between work and life. And, in doing so, will free you to live and work a little more efficiently.

Falling on the life side of the equation, Lifetime Collective's Lucky Man is a shirt riddled with unique touches and individuality.

It's comfortable, lightweight, and has an amazing, contrasting pattern.

As you head out into the evening, the Lucky Man — as its name might imply — will serve you well.

  • $69.00
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    S M L XL

The Escapist


At Need, I’ve incessantly opined about the value of print literature for almost two years. And that’s going to continue unabated today.

(And for many years to come.)

In that regard, I submit my latest print favorite.

Monocle, a publication devoted to culture, global affairs, business, and style, has just introduced a special summer publication, The Escapist.

And I love it.

Focusing upon travel, The Escapist examines ten lesser-known cities around the world and the style, culture, and cuisine found within each.

Not only is it beautifully produced, The Escapist is also a fascinating document for the person seeking more interesting travel over the coming months.

And, for those uninterested in travel, you’ll still find some great resources around global affairs, business, and style.

It has something for everyone.

  • $18.00
  • Out Of Stock